Kindness is Key

What a sad world we live in right now.

It has been over two years since I’ve written on this blog and, here we are, the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide protests after the shameful death of George Floyd.

One does not cancel out the other. They are both horrible. They are both being handled in unacceptable ways. The stress, the emotions, the hatred (of both fellow citizens and governmental leaders) is at a high we have not seen in a while.

One thing I find most discouraging is that some have taken it upon themselves to monitor others in what can and cannot be said. This “Land of the Free” has turned into a land of censorship and shaming. Talk about counterproductive. This happened to me today.

The only word to describe how most of us feel right now is amped. Whatever it is we feel, we feel it strongly. But beware about publicizing those feelings. Someone is waiting in the wings to pounce.

Actual war has not been fought on American soil in a very long time, and yet, we’re imploding by attacking ourselves.

Sometimes our actions are led by our heart and sometimes by our mind. The actions happening right now seem to be led by neither.

I long for a day when kindness, not the need to be right, prevails. I long for a day when free speech is truly available, not just for those in agreement. I long for a day when we can stand together as one race. The human race.




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