The Creation Place

A digital rendering of my desk. Kind of.

I found the picture above completely by accident, but it just makes me laugh at how much it resembles my own desk. Except, instead of a digital picture of a guy in a hardhat, I have 2 pictures of flowers. Instead of speakers, I have family pictures. Instead of a camera on a shelf, I (we–Hubby and I share a home office) have some ham radios that we bought and have yet learned how to use. Oh yes, and my long, wiry desk lamp is black and on the right side. See? Similar.  LOL (And yes, I keep Post-It notes in business. And yes, I have a note stuck to the bottom left corner of my iMac.)

Two days ago I discovered a new app called Lifecraft. In a way, it’s almost been a “life raft.” (See what I did there? *wink*) It’s a journaling app and I love it. It is helping me rediscover the bravado I use to have with my previous blog. I’m not sure why that has diminished as much as it has, but I am digging around for it. A writer/blogger needs that.

It also has an 8 minute timer. Who came up with the idea that 8 minutes is the perfect amount of time to let loose with the words and allow them to pour out without overthinking? It’s brilliant! It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you aren’t second guessing yourself. After an 8 minute journal entry, I flew over here and set 8 minutes on my phone to do it again. And look…2 minutes to spare.

Be brave, be sure, be creative. My creation place is where I write (similar to the picture above) but it is also the place in my mind and soul where I scoop out what I need to write. That is what makes a writer–an insatiable need to write.

This page is also my creation place. Stats, likes, visitors, and followers are all peripheral. Appreciated, but peripheral. The more you create for you, the less you will worry about the opinions of others. Approval is so overrated.


2 thoughts on “The Creation Place

  1. Tried to comment on your site but I think my pword is wrong! Anyway, favorite line – “Approval is so overrated.” Amen to that! And your whole post – I’ll be checking out that app.

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