These Things I Seek: Seeds of Bliss and Balance

“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.” -Indian proverb

Oh, Creativity.

It can be exhilarating. It can be frustrating.

I suppose one of the hardest aspects of creativity is not knowing what your creative outlet is, but even when you find it, there can be setbacks. Experience has shown me what my creative outlets are not: quilting, sewing, cooking (beyond the basics,) and gardening.

Gardening. It is probably the one hobby I truly wish I was better at, but, alas. I end up in an inevitable power struggle with the plant and it dies. I’m not sure who ends up the winner, probably the withered, neglected plant.

Having found your creative outlet, do you ever have days when the ideas just FLOW?

Me too! It’s great, isn’t it?

I, personally, love the process of beginning a new blog. The ideas begin and, once I make the decision to commit to its birth and design, it is fun to see them evolve into something tangible.

Naming the blog, however, is completely different. I dread it, go around in circles, then dread it some more.

For some time I have wanted to give my personal blog a new name. “Keeping Up With Kristie” seemed like I was saying that my life was something more exciting than the norm and needed “keeping up with.” (Not true!)

Then, a certain reality show family began using a similar name. That did it.

How does one name a blog? I’m still not sure. But one helpful site suggested brainstorming favorite words and ideas.

These are a few of my favorite words:

Purposeful     Bliss     Meaningful     Possibilities     Delight     Spiritual     Simplicity

Contentment     Balance     Thoughtful     Wisdom     Value     Gratitude     Unique    

Witty     Enchanted     Intentional     Choice

Then I began to think about why I liked those words.  And I thought I about the purpose of a personal blog.

Many of them are attributes I seek to acquire or ways in which I want to acquire them.

A personal blog is a place to share my thoughts and, hopefully, share ways I am striving to better myself. Since I have not had success as an actual gardener, perhaps I can plant other seeds–internal seeds. (I know, being me can be exhausting sometimes, i.e., “Simplicity” on the list.)

But, in the end, Bliss and Balance won. They are all-encompassing. They are quiet, yet strong.

The Parable of the Sower

This parable’s powerful message has followed me around lately. When Christ taught this parable, He was referring to the Word of God (seeds) and the hearts of men (different types of soil the seeds fell upon.) The full parable is HERE.

The symbols in this parable can be applied to other things too. I seek also to plant seeds of Bliss and Balance in my life. I want them to fall on good soil that I have nourished. I want them to take root and blossom into beautiful flowers which produce new seeds of their own. Seeds of inspiration. Seeds of personal revelation. Seeds that don’t even have names yet but are all about goodness.

I’m also aware that in this world of extremes, Bliss and Balance are becoming more and more elusive.

Balance means incorporating many good activities into our lives, but also remembering to be flexible when things do not go as planned or when others’ needs come before our own.

Bliss is not apathy or laziness, but calm contentment. In my opinion, it is a step beyond happiness. Happiness may be the cake, but Bliss is the recipe.

And so, as this writer and her site evolve, I hope to plant these seeds in my days. I do not expect perfection. There will be times when the seeds fall upon rocky ground or get devoured by birds, but they are what I seek and I will keep trying.

It is amazing how, with Man’s many admirable creations, the best Life lessons still come from He who created at the very beginning.

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