Thoughts on BYU Education Week

I love being on BYU campus! I took this photo on August 19, walking to the Marriott Center.

Somewhere, in the suitcase I still haven’t opened yet, is the notebook I carried throughout Education Week. Three quarters full, packed with ideas and insights, are the things I want to remember in the coming year. In all the years I’ve attended, there may be more “take away” ideas this time than ever before. I plan to devote individual blog posts to those ideas in the future.

The ones that immediately come to mind:

  • Our Heavenly Father is like the conductor of an orchestra. His music can be heard through different instruments. (S. Michael Wilcox)
  • Am I making myself an exception? Is it preventing me from receiving personal revelation? (Stephen Hunsaker)
  • Ritualize your routines, improve the quality of your prayers. (Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt)
  • Write down the music that’s most important to you. It may be a necessary tool of communication one day. (Michael Ballam)
  • The Savior said “Come unto me,” but He also went unto the people. (Susan Easton Black)
  • Being aware of the different ways/reasons husbands and wives communicate, helps you communicate better. (John Bytheway)

Even in these short phrases, I can feel my memory of these great talks’ profundity and their details are fading.  All the more reason to go through my notes and write my impressions. My favorite speakers have such a talent for interpreting the scriptures and displaying their own humanity and humility. I so admire these qualities.

The best part of Education Week (aside from the high-quality lectures and the opportunity to travel with my cute hubby) is that I have arrived home motivated to be better. I suppose that speaks to the success of the week. That’s not the same as feeling guilty for not being good enough in the past. Nobody likes that. But we can–all of us–always use “tweaking.” I’m inspired to tweak. I’m inspired to go forward a polished-up version of my previous self.

I’m inspired.

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