A Night in Meridian

Photo credit: Mike Putnam Photography

This post is brought to you from our hotel room in Meridian, Idaho, as we make our way to beautiful Utah.

This morning we left a little later than we would’ve liked, but both of us were very tired and had a tough time getting up early. I am very thankful that our prayers were answered in that we had a very easy drive across Oregon and into Idaho.

Last year, with only 100 miles left on this leg of the trip, we encountered wildfires. The consequence was an additional 4-5 hours of driving to go around them. We hobbled into the hotel at about 10pm. That memory is still very fresh in our minds, which made us extra grateful for the ease of today’s travel.  Hopefully, tomorrow is the same.

Music, conversation, and laughter carried us through the day. (Along with Chex Mix, water, and gum.) Our driving was sponsored by the stylings of Michael Buble, Bette Midler, the Bee Gees, BJ Thomas, Amy Grant, and a mix from our wedding reception. The time flew!

The picture above? Up on the hill is the Vista House, which we were able to visit last year. It’s view is amazing. We saw everything in this photo.

Today was a great start to our trip!

2 thoughts on “A Night in Meridian

  1. I love Vista House!

    I’m always amazed at the high quality of a conversation held in the car. Some of the best talks of dreams, understanding and spirituality have happened in car.

    Keep up the good times and have fun you two!

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  2. I completely agree! It seems that with flying it is all about getting to the destination, while road trips truly let you enjoy the journey. They’re even more special with the right traveling companion! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


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